Missing teakettle

I hoped to attend church, visit the Cox Arboretum or maybe both, before the library¬†opens at 1pm. Instead, I spent 2 hours at the emergency room. Yesterday I had a bad fall – tripped on a badly heaved sidewalk while¬†looking up at street numbers. You know that little dance you do to recover when you trip? Well – I didn’t recover, went flying through the air and landed on my face. This is not recommended. Have a serious cut inside my mouth but couldn’t stand the thought of not continuing yesterday’s work. This morning the library is closed, and luckily one of Dayton’s best hospitals is walking distance from my AirBNB residence. I am now off in search of a drugstore to fill a couple of anitbiotic prescriptions. Before I go, I wanted to share a small treasure I found in yesterday’s research