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  • A Christmas Letter to His Sister

    Monday, Dec 23, 1861 – From Camp Lyon Civil War Soldier Howard G. Affleck wrote to his sister, Harriet: I have been thinking all along that I would be permitted to spend the holidays with the “loved ones at home” but owing to the changes in my prospects I suppose I will have to forego […]

  • War in the good old days

    Had a great day at the Historical Society. I’ve transcribed many letters written home by Howard G Affleck (along with his mother’s introduction, and most of a letter written home by Dr. Affleck when he visited his son at Philippi. West Virginia, after the early battle fought there.) I am struck, reading these letters, with […]

  • wishing for “happily ever after”

    The past two weeks have been full of successful research. Last week I read bits and pieces at the Dayton Metro Library, while photographing 100s of letters. This week I sat and transcribed letters sent home from the war. While working I have gasped in amazement, had “aha” moments when I found missing “pieces of […]

  • His Sorrowing Mother

    Yesterday I spent 4 hours at the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society, transcribing a journal in which my 3rd-Great-Grandmother transcribed the letters written by her son Howard Gladstone Affleck while serving in the Union Army. His last letter was to inform his mother that he’d been injured. A musket ball in his knee led […]

  • Howard G Affleck

    Yesterday I left Dayton, for Uniontown, Oh. I spent the night with my mother’s only remaining cousin. We had a wonderful time sharing memories – mine of his parents, and his of my mother and grandparents. We went through an album of old pictures, and I was delighted to find that he had a picture […]