Artists in the Family

geranium Sarah ForrerThere was much artistic talent in this family. Sarah Forrer, the sister of my ggg-grandmother did this botanical, and others, as well as many pen and ink or other grey-scale drawings. She is also the one who drew the sketch of the teakettle in my previous post. on that – I wonder why she waited 49 years to try find the teakettle?

One of her daughter also had much talent, toured Europe (you’ll hear from those letters sometime in the future) and has a few smaller works in the Forrer-Woods-Peirce collection at the Dayton-Metro Library

Missing teakettle

I hoped to attend church, visit the Cox Arboretum or maybe both, before the library opens at 1pm. Instead, I spent 2 hours at the emergency room. Yesterday I had a bad fall – tripped on a badly heaved sidewalk while looking up at street numbers. You know that little dance you do to recover when you trip? Well – I didn’t recover, went flying through the air and landed on my face. This is not recommended. Have a serious cut inside my mouth but couldn’t stand the thought of not continuing yesterday’s work. This morning the library is closed, and luckily one of Dayton’s best hospitals is walking distance from my AirBNB residence. I am now off in search of a drugstore to fill a couple of anitbiotic prescriptions. Before I go, I wanted to share a small treasure I found in yesterday’s research

crossed lines

There is rich detail in the letters at the Dayton Metro Library. Some will be easier to read and transcribe than others. Have you ever heard reference to someone crossing their lines in a letter – I’ve seen this phrase in old literature and never really knew what it meant until today! This letter from Ann Howard to Sarah Howard has about 3 pages of crossed lines!!!crossed lines

Journey of Discovery

SEpt 12 – My research begins in earnest, at the Dayton Metro Library There are 78 letters written by Mary Howard Affleck to her sister Sarah (and many letters from others as well! Today I take a camera and will try photographing the letters. It feels amazing to hold these letters in my own hands – makes me feel very connected to the past, and startling when I recognize pieces of myself in these letters. The following quote is from 3/25/1838 (Mary Howard and Dr. Affleck were married 11/1/18837)

“I have just returned from a long and somewhat fatiguing ramble among the hills, being tempted by the fine weather and the hope of finding some spring flowers, but I found only a few green leaves and some buds, indeed a flower of any kind would be a refreshing sight, for I have not seen one for several months, and as far as I can discover the “good folks” here have not much taste for such things. I, however, hope to set them a better example….”

I begin – Belmont County

Yesterday I drove to Bridgeport Ohio and spent some time in the Bridgeport and Martins Ferry public libraries – found little bits of information & learned of some additional online sources. I also drove around Bridgeport and think I’ve located where my grandfather grew up, and where my Great-Great and Great-Great-Great-Grandparents lived. Today I visit one of the Quaker Meeting Houses that the 3rd-Great-Grandmother and her parents attended, then go to the St Clairsville/Belmont County Courthouse in hopes of locating deeds or other info to verify where these people lived. Then I’m off to Dayton for several days of poring through the 20 shelf feet of documents at the Dayton Metro Library.