It’s the Land, Katie Scarlett!

When Horton was only 16, his father, Bartholomew, died and left over 3500 acres of North Carolina land to his two sons. Descriptions of the land included landmarks and place names: “From a Cypress tree in the Head of the Southern Branch of Mitchells Creek..” and “Clubfoots Creek – east side of the head of the creek.”  I was able to find Clubfoot Creek, and Mitchell’s Creek which branches off of Clubfoot.

We’re planning a trip to this area of North Carolina as research for Horton’s story, so I was thrilled to discover that the land east of  Clubfoot Creek is mostly farmland, and the land to the west is mostly farmland and national park. A boat trip on the Creek and a hike through the park will give some great background for the first 30 years of Horton’s life.