Month: November 2015

  • Reflections on Two who Served

    Today, in honor of Veteran’s Day I digress from my usual storyline, to share some reflections written a few years ago about two of young men of my family who were lost in our country’s wars. This was written as a Memorial Day reflection at church a few years ago, but the stories are also […]

  • Bait & Switch?

    Re-reading Hannah Hastings’ letters of courtship and early marriage to Horton Howard is helping me to create their story. As interesting as their written story, is the one I read between the lines. Education was important to the Quakers, so it’s no surprise that Hannah’s early letters are well-written with the best grammar and spelling […]

  • Morality, History & Judgement

    When I began┬áresearching family history my focus was collecting names. I did not realize I was about to stumble upon the stories behind some of those names. I wasn’t pleased when I found 20 year old Horton Howard on the 1790 census listed as head of family, with a free white male of under 16 […]