Old Family Friends

In searching through records of Quaker meetings, I was surprised to find the names of Nixon and Milhaus present at meetings attended by my Howard ancestors. Today I find that the Howards were more than casually acquainted with the Milhaus family.

On July 4, 1869, my 3rd-Great-Grandmother, Mary Howard Affleck, wrote to her sister, Sarah H. Forrer:

“I am glad thee and Augusta had such a pleasant visit at Richmond and was much interested in the account thee gave of the great revival. I have pleasant recollections of a week spent there some forty or fifty years ago, but so many changes have since taken place, that I don’t suppose it would seem like the same place now. Did thee see or hear anything of Hannah Mendenhall when thee was there? Thee will recollect her, a sister of Jane Watters, whom we visited the day we were at friend Milhaus’.”

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