After the holiday – Christmas 1869

In keeping with the holiday theme this week, here is another excerpt of a letter mentioning Christmas from Mary Howard to her sister Sarah.

Bridgeport January 2nd 1870

….I should like to know how all your little ones, and big ones too, are getting along and how you enjoyed the holidays. We had a very pleasant time here. Edward came home on Christmas morning and stayed three days – much to our satisfaction. We had a letter the day before saying he was not coming, so we invited half a dozen neighbors to help eat the turkey – which we would not have done, if we had known he was coming. It would be so much pleasanter to have him all to ourselves. In the evening we had a grand display of fire works (quite astonishing considering the size of the building) caused by the burning of the dining saloon, just across the platform from the passenger depot, which was saved with difficulty. Fortunately, it was a calm night and no further damage was done – except to toll house, which when it caught fire, was pushed over into the river to save the bridge. Edward appears well satisfied with his situation, and likes Columbus better than any place he has ever lived in.

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