Three More Losses in the Family

Death continued to cause sorrow in the Howard family

  • August 1819 – Jane Howard – Horton’s 3 year old daughter died of scarlet fever. She was the last child child born to Horton and Hannah Howard. Even in a time when raising a child was uncertain, there must have been sorrow at the loss of this child.
  • October 1821 – Pharaby Patterson Howard, died as a bride of 3 months, leaving Horton’s son, Joseph to mourn the loss of his wife. Pharaby died of intermittent bilious fever. Pharaby was an only daughter, and left her parents with one remaining son.
  • August 1825 – Hannah Howard, also called Hannah Junior as she was called after her mother, died from bilious fever at the age of 13. She was a delightful child, full of grace and good humor according to her father. His belief that the medical practice of bleeding was a contributing factor in her death led him to involvement in the practice of botanical medicine or steam doctoring.

Bilious fever and intermittent bilious fever are among the many diseases that have changed names over the years. These and other archaic medical terms will be discussed at a later date.

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