Political Turmoil

The past 10 months have been filled with the emergencies and care of aging parents. Somehow I found time to make my third pass through the letters and other documents related to the life of Horton Howard. I’ve transcribed and compiled the documents, deleted extraneous material and condensed many of the remaining documents.

I’m now into the actual writing, creating the story of Horton’s life. It’s not surprising to find issues that repeat throughout history and into the present day. Politicial corruption and cronyism were rampant in the Province of North Carolina at the time of Horton’s birth in 1770.

Protesters demanded change, and were ignored. Increasingly violent protests culminated in the arrest and execution of several in early 1771.  Similar incidents occuring throughout the American colonies led to the Revolution 4 years later.

I’ve found no evidence that the Howards were involved in these protests. They were Quakers, and very few Quakers were involved in protesting, and even fewer were in North Carolina government at that time. Horton would be involved in other controversies and turmoil throughout his life.

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