Journey of Discovery

SEpt 12 – My research begins in earnest, at the Dayton Metro Library There are 78 letters written by Mary Howard Affleck to her sister Sarah (and many letters from others as well! Today I take a camera and will try photographing the letters. It feels amazing to hold these letters in my own hands – makes me feel very connected to the past, and startling when I recognize pieces of myself in these letters. The following quote is from 3/25/1838 (Mary Howard and Dr. Affleck were married 11/1/18837)

“I have just returned from a long and somewhat fatiguing ramble among the hills, being tempted by the fine weather and the hope of finding some spring flowers, but I found only a few green leaves and some buds, indeed a flower of any kind would be a refreshing sight, for I have not seen one for several months, and as far as I can discover the “good folks” here have not much taste for such things. I, however, hope to set them a better example….”

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