Category: Horton Howard

  • Beaufort’s Old Burying Ground

    Yesterday we visited the historic burying ground in Beaufort. There are no Howards here – not that I could tell with all the weather worn stones. There are many other stories of a different way of life, enough that this will be one the longest posts I’ve written. Some of the stories are told in […]

  • Waterways for Shipping

    Yesterday’s time in the New Bern Registry of Deeds office informed us that Horton Howard and his brother inherited land along the Neuse River, with parcels also bounded by the Cahooque Creek, Clubfoot’s Creek and Mitchell Creek. They may have owned all of the land between the Cahooque and Clubfoot’s Creeks, which would have included […]

  • Pirates, Distillers, & Owners of Land

    Yesterday we travelled the entire length of the Outer Banks. We ferried to Ocracoke, and had enough time to walk around and discover Howard Road. Many houses had historic plaques naming the Howards who had formerly lived here. We’ve heard and read that Howards played an important part in early maritime security on Ocracoke, though […]

  • 18th Century NC Plantation Life

    North Carolina plantations, at least in the mid to late 1700’s did not approach the grandeur of Tara. They had some fine things – Chinese porcelain, Delft china, Pewter, silver and finely crafted furniture. They and their slaves also had to work hard to create the necessities of life, and the tools at hand did […]

  • Research Adventure Begins

    Yesterday we left home, and we’re spending 2 nights visiting family in Reston, VA. Tomorrow morning we leave for North Carolina for 10 days. We have a few things planned that are purely fun, but most of this trip is dedicated to researching the early life of Horton Howard. Our first stop will be the […]